I just completed one more editing project for Stephen Vidano Films, a piece for a ministry based in Nairobi, Kenya.  It is viewable online in HD here:  vimeo.com


beautiful anna

I created a piece awhile ago out of black elk leather and finally completed it as a birthday gift for my dear friend, Anna Christine (aka. Lilly, in our films “Ruby & Lilly’s Big Apple Adventures).  I’ve made a couple of these now and when I work with the leather, I try to use the pieces as they are, without cutting much, like puzzle pieces slowly forming the final bodice.  Just love those raw edges.  Turned out beautifully and looks amazing on Anna.  Happy Birthday, dear friend!



fruit of hard work

It was a busy summer last year.  Thankfully.  I edited a short piece of behind the scenes footage from last year’s Tim Tebow Superbowl Ad…

…and I assisted in producing some short pieces for a conference in Colorado Springs (link on the image below to watch them online).  Stephen Vidano’s work is beautiful and moving. The leather cuff I created (see previous entry below) made the cut in Hands Part II…nice.

music video

The new bobby blue video for “Go” is out.  CLICK on the image below to watch the video now on vimeo. Starring bobby blue and yours truly, me!  Congratulations to director Ian Cinco and creative director Sara Antoinette Martin.

news: release

The music video/film for bobby blue’s new single “Go” that I acted in before I moved out of New York City is ready!  It premieres in real life Thursday, October 7, 2010 …. online version yet to be announced.  It’s beautiful. Congratulations, bobby blue!!  (bobby’s music can also be heard in the fourth installment of my short film series: Ruby & Lilly’s Big Apple Adventures.  See link on your left.)

bloody roman

I’ve been working with Stephen Vidano Films here in Colorado Springs, CO.   Interning/assisting in the office, assisting on shoots of which there have been many more than I anticipated, learning more on the craft of editing and shooting and basically learning more than a grad student could possibly learn in 2 semesters over the last 4 months.  It’s been amazing.   Here’s one item I created for a recent shoot.  A leather cuff designed, shaped, dyed, stressed and de-stressed.  It worked out very well for the scene thankfully.  (Especially after being dirtied with theatrical blood during the actual shoot.  Nice.)

leather cuff created for Stephen Vidano Films, Inc.

movies & moving

I up and moved from my home of the past 15 years, New York City, in late May.  I am now finally relocated to Colorado Springs where it smells really good, there are mountains to look at every day and I am working with and learning from some amazingly talented people in film production.  So far so good.  The move and getting settled seems to have taken a bit of the web/social posting out of me.  Experiencing an unwillingness to post about all the goings on in my life so, going to post about others.

One thing I’m looking forward to immensely (aside from finally getting to the completing of my own projects) is the coming new music video, actually be more like a short film, of my dear friend, bobby blue (myspace).  This video will be for the release of his song “You’ve Got to Go” and will making a debut very soon.  I acted in this piece alongside bobby right before my move &, while I can’t share much in order to not spoil the surprise, I have a few pics from the shoot I can share cause we worked hard!  Ian Cinco ( another video by Ian ) wrote and directed and Sara Antoinette Martin (www.sara-land.net) was costume and artistic designer, amazingly talented. (We were all bundled up and napping from the chill and the early a.m. calls.  We work hard for the money, honey! …even if we work for free.)

in makeup prep

pre-shoot nap

the Esther Williams...

current filmings

I’m currently filming interviews with artist friends about their creative life and also just life in general.  Here are some stills from my interviews so far with Stephen Franco and Janet Castel of the band Prima Primo, singer/songwriter Bobby Blue Jimenez of New York City and Alex Dean, Shawn Spurrier and Chase Studdard of the band Companion out of Dallas.   This is still just a work in progress, I have many more people to interview, footage to slowly gather and the story is still unfolding for me but it’s been really wonderful to hear everyone’s stories and learn how to best film this.  It may take awhile to piece together but I like what I have so far and I’m just trying to have fun with this for now.  We’ll see.

Prima Primo

Bobby Blue Jimenez

Companion Interview

creating & building

some items I’m going to be adding to my etsy shop soon.   It takes a little doing getting an online shop setup.  so, in time.  I’m using a lot of golds, pinks and pale green right now…and leather. Yummy.  Really into these colors lately.  hm.  Pink.  Who woulda thought it?

can’t wait