reel it in

I recently completed a reel and promotional for a reality show for a dear friend of mine and amazing Emmy Award winning makeup artist, Vanessa Elese.   It’s been new but a great challenge to figure out how best to show Vanessa’s talents and range of work and how best to piece together the story for her Makeover show.

more hats

Life has been busy since getting married…in a wonderful way!!  But I’m thankful to have been asked by Vidano Films ( to help out with two more regional spots for Comcast as Art Director and Associate Producer.  For the ad called “Run Home”, I worked with legendary producer Robbie Repola of Chrome Dome Media and acted as Art Director with wardrobe and props.

For the ad titled “One Day” I acted mainly as Casting Director.  We found some great talent.  I also helped with Art Direction with wardrobe and props and Production Coordination.  I also did a bit of extra acting.  (In the One Day spot, you’ll see my hand serving soup.  Wow.  15 years living in New York City as an actor and I finally have some regional work under my belt….or my hand does!)

At any rate, here are links to the final ads. I’ve also attached some images.  The final ads turned out so beautifully and I’m proud to have worked with a great crew on these. (PS: You’ll see my handsome hubby playing a Doctor in the “One Day” ad…now he can say he’s played a Doctor on TV!  And, he’s had more regional work than I’ve ever had as an actor…well, I suppose it just means I was meant to be behind the camera.  Loving it!)

Comcast “Run Home” spot on Vimeo

Comcast “One Day” spot on YouTube




a wedding

Today Nathan Johnson and I were married.  I am proud to say that I am now Elizabeth Webb Johnson.  We had the most AMAZING evening wedding.  240 of our dearest friends and family helped us celebrate this miracle of a day.  I am filled with tears at the joy at our Father’s redemption and grace for bringing Nathan into my life.  He is truly the love of my life and best friend.  What a wonderful, wonderful day!



This past year marked my first adventure in teaching.  I joined the Academy of Children’s Theatre (I’m listed last) to teach film acting to children ranging from 9 years of age to 17.  We met for classes in which I discussed film terminology and approaching acting on camera and we practiced various techniques.  Each class had two shoot dates in which we shot a final short film written in the vein of the town meeting scene in the film “Jaws”. In our version, written by a previous class director, the film revolved around a high school student council meeting in which the students discussed what to do about a squirrel terrorizing everyone and threatening the cancellation of homecoming weekend.  The final films were adorable and hysterical.

I met wonderful kids in these classes and the Academy is an amazing place where anyone can have a chance to perform, even children with handicaps.  It was a lot of hard work but the payoff was how much the children learned and responded to these classes.  I am not sure yet if I will continue teaching, very hard to balance this with my other professional work at this time, but the Academy’s founder, Lynn is an amazingly talented and generous woman and I have found that I have a knack for this teaching thing so….time will tell.  Below are some class photos at the end of filming each of the three class’s short films: “The Tiny Terror”.


Preparing to get married (wow!) but excited to have the opportunity to work on a regional ad for Comcast.  Stephen Vidano Films ( hired me to Art Direct and Casting Direct as Associate Producer of a spot to be shown in 7 states in the western U.S.

Click on this link Comcast “HotSpot” Ad on Vimeo to be taken to a page where you can view the final ad called “HotSpot”.  I’ve included some images just because the final piece turned out so beautifully.  Always wonderful to work with Vidano Films.




I was hired by Stephen Vidano Films ( to be the Content Editor for a short documentary film called “Powering America”.  One of the hardest jobs I’ve taken on so far as an editor.  I had to whittle down 19 hours of interview footage into about 25 minutes.  Pfew!  It was a month of full time work, a few all-nighters and some blood, sweat and tears but the final piece came out beautifully after final edits were completed by Simon Scionka.

Quite the learning experience in endurance and teamwork but very worth it and I’m very proud of the final result.  Click on the image below to be taken to a site that shows the entire documentary.  You can also visit HERE to view the trailer or other excerpts from the final piece.


These past couple of months has been all about RuMe.  A great Denver, Colorado company that makes beautiful re-usable bags.  The best I’ve ever seen!  I love using their Cuff for disposable coffee cups.

I was Production Coordinator and Art Director for Stephen Vidano Films, Inc. on these shoots and I also assisted with the content edit for the interview with the owners.  I organized props for the bag shoot and set up all art direction for each.  It was a hard day (we did a great job NOT showing how hot it was!) but SO worth it because the final pieces came out great.

Click each image below (or just enjoy the images themselves) to be taken to RuMe’s youtube page where you can view the videos Stephen Vidano Films ( created.

webisode-ing it

I was hired to do content editing and b-roll editing for a webisode series called Digma for Stephen Vidano Films (  My job was to prepare the content, what the host is saying, with beautifully shot images or found images to help create a final dynamic piece.  This was then passed on to the graphics editor to finish each piece in After Effects.  Stephen Vidano and James Huenergardt created this beautiful After Effects template of floating glass themselves.  It all has been coming together beautifully.  Click the image below to visit the Digma site and view the videos.


I was Production Coordinator on another Vidano Films adventure this month.  We filmed a mobile app functionability ad and I worked to find great hands as well as faces for this piece (Including my handsome husband…seen trying to buy a car. My rugged gentleman.)

I also organized crew, locations, shoot dates, art direction, wardrobe & props as well as assisting Mr. Vidano with camera and lighting whenever needed.  Busy and long days but totally worth the beautiful final result.  See images from the final piece below.


First time running the whole show!  I was Production Coordinator for Stephen Vidano Films ( on an annual piece for the Women’s Vision Foundation out of Denver, Colorado.  I organized those we were interviewing, locations, props, sets, crew and shoot dates as well as assisted our director, Stephen Vidano.  The final product came out beautifully.  Click on the photo below to view the final spot or click this link: