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Life has been busy since getting married…in a wonderful way!!  But I’m thankful to have been asked by Vidano Films ( to help out with two more regional spots for Comcast as Art Director and Associate Producer.  For the ad called “Run Home”, I worked with legendary producer Robbie Repola of Chrome Dome Media and acted as Art Director with wardrobe and props.

For the ad titled “One Day” I acted mainly as Casting Director.  We found some great talent.  I also helped with Art Direction with wardrobe and props and Production Coordination.  I also did a bit of extra acting.  (In the One Day spot, you’ll see my hand serving soup.  Wow.  15 years living in New York City as an actor and I finally have some regional work under my belt….or my hand does!)

At any rate, here are links to the final ads. I’ve also attached some images.  The final ads turned out so beautifully and I’m proud to have worked with a great crew on these. (PS: You’ll see my handsome hubby playing a Doctor in the “One Day” ad…now he can say he’s played a Doctor on TV!  And, he’s had more regional work than I’ve ever had as an actor…well, I suppose it just means I was meant to be behind the camera.  Loving it!)

Comcast “Run Home” spot on Vimeo

Comcast “One Day” spot on YouTube




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