reel it in

I recently completed a reel and promotional for a reality show for a dear friend of mine and amazing Emmy Award winning makeup artist, Vanessa Elese. It’s been new but a great challenge to figure out how best to show Vanessa’s talents and range of work and how best to piece together the story for […]

a wedding

Today Nathan Johnson and I were married. I am proud to say that I am now Elizabeth Webb Johnson. We had the most AMAZING evening wedding. 240 of our dearest friends and family helped us celebrate this miracle of a day. I am filled with tears at the joy at our Father’s redemption and grace […]

beautiful anna

I created a piece awhile ago out of black elk leather and finally completed it as a birthday gift for my dear friend, Anna Christine (aka. Lilly, in our films “Ruby & Lilly’s Big Apple Adventures). I’ve made a couple of these now and when I work with the leather, I try to use the […]

creating & building

some items I’m going to be adding to my etsy shop soon. It takes a little doing getting an online shop setup. so, in time. I’m using a lot of golds, pinks and pale green right now…and leather. Yummy. Really into these colors lately. hm. Pink. Who woulda thought it?