reel it in

I recently completed a reel and promotional for a reality show for a dear friend of mine and amazing Emmy Award winning makeup artist, Vanessa Elese. It’s been new but a great challenge to figure out how best to show Vanessa’s talents and range of work and how best to piece together the story for […]

more hats

Life has been busy since getting married…in a wonderful way!! But I’m thankful to have been asked by Vidano Films ( to help out with two more regional spots for Comcast as Art Director and Associate Producer. For the ad called “Run Home”, I worked with legendary producer Robbie Repola of Chrome Dome Media and […]


This past year marked my first adventure in teaching. I joined the Academy of Children’s Theatre (I’m listed last) to teach film acting to children ranging from 9 years of age to 17. We met for classes in which I discussed film terminology and approaching acting on camera and we practiced various techniques. Each class […]


Preparing to get married (wow!) but excited to have the opportunity to work on a regional ad for Comcast. Stephen Vidano Films ( hired me to Art Direct and Casting Direct as Associate Producer of a spot to be shown in 7 states in the western U.S.

Click on this link Comcast “HotSpot” Ad on […]


I was hired by Stephen Vidano Films ( to be the Content Editor for a short documentary film called “Powering America”. One of the hardest jobs I’ve taken on so far as an editor. I had to whittle down 19 hours of interview footage into about 25 minutes. Pfew! It was a month of full […]


These past couple of months has been all about RuMe. A great Denver, Colorado company that makes beautiful re-usable bags. The best I’ve ever seen! I love using their Cuff for disposable coffee cups.

I was Production Coordinator and Art Director for Stephen Vidano Films, Inc. on these shoots and I also assisted with the […]

webisode-ing it

I was hired to do content editing and b-roll editing for a webisode series called Digma for Stephen Vidano Films ( My job was to prepare the content, what the host is saying, with beautifully shot images or found images to help create a final dynamic piece. This was then passed on to the graphics […]


I was Production Coordinator on another Vidano Films adventure this month. We filmed a mobile app functionability ad and I worked to find great hands as well as faces for this piece (Including my handsome husband…seen trying to buy a car. My rugged gentleman.)

I also organized crew, locations, shoot dates, art direction, wardrobe & […]


First time running the whole show! I was Production Coordinator for Stephen Vidano Films ( on an annual piece for the Women’s Vision Foundation out of Denver, Colorado. I organized those we were interviewing, locations, props, sets, crew and shoot dates as well as assisted our director, Stephen Vidano. The final product came out beautifully. […]


I just completed one more editing project for Stephen Vidano Films, a piece for a ministry based in Nairobi, Kenya. It is viewable online in HD here: